How to complaint For Samaj kalyan vibhag scholarship

if you are not getting scholarship from samaj kalyan vibhag do the below written steps to know the exact status of samaj kalyan vibhag scholarship –

    1. Check the govt. portal that your name is showing there or not.
    2. If your name is showing , ask to the office registrar first about the status of scholarship.(Generally scholarship use to come on college bank account but colleges are not intended to do this at time.) So ask when should they give scholarship.

  1. If you are not satisfied with his answers, the second most appropriate thing is to go to your local samaj kayan vibhag office and ask their “What is the status of your college in their records?” and then ask about your scholarship. Generally staff guys told you the exact situation , otherwise you may collect three four student , a  group has more priority to get answer.
  2. If they are also not answering your status. Don’t worry.
  3. Each samaj kalyan office comes under DM(district magistrate), So take an appointment to DM of the city, or just write a request and  submit it to DM office and do take the receipt of that.
  4. Then DM officers will tell you exact status.

If you are finding any more problem comment here.

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